Industrial Area

Exports & Trading 

We facilitate export and trade at a global scale; through our partner and associate company on a wide range of products ; 

  • Agro commodities - Sugar , yellow corn, white corn, Rice, Wheat, Wheat Flour,Barley,soyabean, edible oil, Corn Oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, olive oil ,  etc.

  • Agro farming tools . Sprinklers, Poly House, Net House, Equipments

  • Processed Food - Chicken, Shrimps,Tuna, dates, almonds, cashews etc.

  • Organic foods - Vegetables, grains, organic egg


  • Animal feed - Fish feed cattle feed, horse feed 

  • Finshed Products : LeatHer , Garments 



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For International buyer ; we can deliver: (FOB or CIF) Incoterms 2.010

The offer is short or long term contracts to meet the specific demands of your company.


For general inquiries;please fill following info below and send it to us by Email / call us ; we'll get back to you as soon as posible.  



  1. Company: Representative: E-mail: Telephone:

  2. Commodity (Product)

  3. Specifications:

  4. Packing (Bulk) / Bag / Container

  5. Shipment (Month) / Quantity

  6. Total Quantity :

  7. Contract or Spot:

  8. Delivery Type (FOB, CIF)

  9. Destination Port:

  10. Country:

  11. Preferred country of Origin if any 

  12. Shipment (12 shipments)

  13. Target Price if any:

  14. Type Currency ($ / €)



  1. Representative: E-mail: Telephone:

  2. Commissions expected



  1. Mention LC/ SBLC/ TT / Cash & Carry - Whichever applicable

  2. Bank Name:

  3. Country of Bank location

  4. Swift Code:


Our Commercial Department will send you our best offer (ASAP)

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  1. Buyer / or buyer mandate issue Letter Of Intent (LOI) with target price to seller 

  2. Seller Confirm the price ; and confirm availiability By Email or Meesaging Apps

  3. Buyer / Buyer intermediary issues Irrevocable Corporate purchase Order ( ICPO ) with their bankers approval on it; which indirectly confirm that buyer have sufficient fund to procure

  4. Seller issue Full Corporate Offer (FCO) to BUYER / Buyer mandate 

  5. Buyer / or Buyer mandate sign on FCO and return to Seller

  6. NCNDA – NON DISCLOSURE ; to be signed among stake holders involved in transaction

  7. Buyer prepares BCL / RWA  and send them to Seller 

  8. Proforma Invoice to be given by Seller ( if needed)

  9. Buyer send Draft LC to verify by seller bank ; from  Top 50 Global Bank (or endorsed  by Top 50 Bank)

  10. If LC term acceptable ; Seller and Buyer sign contract  ( SALES & PURCHASE AGREEMENT - SPA)

  11. IMFPA ( COMMISSION – AGENT ) to be signed for Commission pay out

  12. Finally Buyer open L/C, SBLC ( As applicable) from Buyer’s bank at Top 50 global Bank (or confirmed by Top 50 Bank)

  13. Seller receives  operative L/C from Buyer’s bank ; submit at seller’s bank

  14. SGS or similar global inspection agency deputed by seller

  15. Seller presents Full Proof of Products (FPOP) to Buyer’s Bank and issues PB 2 % ( if applicable) 

  16. Seller start loading goods at ship



NOTE: NO previous records, B/L copy , SGS report etc. of 3rd party transaction would be shared which is illegal ; all these would be produced to buyers bank at appropriate time .

Seller’s procedure is non- negotiable.


Cane Sugar, Beet Sugar, 

Origin : Brazil, India, Thailand, Ukraine

Available Sugar  grades  

A) Brazil , Thailand Grade ( ICUMSA- 45) 

B) Indian  Grade ( S -30, M30. L30)

C) Russian / Ukraine Grade ( beet sugar) 

Basmati & Non - Basmati Rice 


Origin: India , Thailand, Pakistan, Vietnam

 Available Rice Varieties : 

A) Indian grade Basmati  ( Sella 1121 , White, Brown Golden )

B) Indian  Grade Non- Basmati ( IR 64 , Masoori, Swarna )

c) Thailand Grade  ( Jasmine , Aromatic rice)

D) Vietnam Grade (  Aromatic  Rice) 

E) Pakistan Grade ( Basmati) 

Corn/ Maize

Origin : Ukraine, Russia, USA, Argentina, Brazil, India

Available Corn / Maize varieties :

A) Dent Corn - Animal feed 

B) Sweet Corn - Human Consumption

D) White Corn - Corn Flour , Human Consumption

Wheat / Wheat Flour

Origin: India, Russia, Ukraine, USA

Available  Wheat  & wheat Flours  varieties;

A) Winter Wheat 

B) Spring Wheat   

C) Hard Red 

D)  Soft Red 

E)  Durum wheat

F)  Hard White

G) Soft Milling White 

Dal /Pulse /Lentil 

Origin : India , Africa, Ukraine, South America

Available  Dal / Pulses / Lentil  Varieties : 

A) Urad Dal.  
B) Garbanzo Beans.

C) Masoor Dal.
D) Pigeon Pea (Toor Dal) ...
E) Black-Eyed Peas and Azuki. ...
F) Kidney Bean (Hindi: rajma, Gujarati: rajma).

G) Moong Dal 


Origin: India

Available :  Certified and non certified

  • Natural farming products also available

  • Organic Vegetables 

  • Organic Grains , Rice , Lentil, spices

  • Organic tea 

  • Organic Processed and animal products 

  • Domestic and International supply 


Origin : Ukraine Brazil, India 

 Available  Processed Chicken, Shrimps, Tuna

A) All type of Chicken parts . legs, wings etc.  
B) Tuna in Can and frozen raw

C)  Shrimp locally from India

EDIBLE OIL : Sunflower, Corn Oil, Rapeseed , Palm Oil, Olive Oil

Origin : India , Russia, Ukraine

Available Edible  Oil  grades :

A) Sunflower  Oil - Refined  and Crude in Bulk 
B)  Corn Oil - Refined 

C) Palm oil , Mustard Oil 

D) Ground Nut Oil 

E) Coconut Oil ,F) Olive Oil 

SOYABEAN, Seed, Meal , Soya Oil

Origin : India , Russia, Ukraine, Brazil

Available grades : GMO and Non GMO

A) Soya  Seed and Soya meal 

B) Soya Oil

C) Soya meal ( Animal feed)  

Vegetables Raw and Processed

Origin : India 

Available vegetables grade :

A) Green and fresh Vegetables 

B)  Processed  Vegetables

C) Potato ,  Onion - in bulk

D) Red Chillies , Garlic, Ginger

E) Green Peas 

F) fresh Fruits

Organic Products

From : India 

Available Organic products  :

A) Green Vegetables , Processed  Vegetables

B) Organic Spices

C) Brocoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage , Capsicum etc.

D) Organic Rice, Organic sugar

E) Organic Lentil 

F)  Organic herbs

Organic Fertilizer

Origin: India, Europe

Available grades;

A) Bio  Fertilizer ( organic Manure )

B) Organic  fertilizers 

Chemical Fertilizers

Origin : Russia, Ukraine , India  

Nitrogen Fertilizer

  • Ammonium nitrate (34-0-0)

  • Ammonium sulphate (21-0-0-24S; 20-0-0-24S and 19-3-0-22S)

  • Urea (46-0-0)

  • Anhydrous ammonia (82-0-0)

  • Urea - ammonium sulphate (34-0-0-11S)

  • Urea - ammonium nitrate solutions (28-0-0)

  • Acid nitrogen solutions (24-6-0-4S and 26-0-0-6S)


Phosphate Fertilizer

Mono-ammonium phosphate (11-51-0, 12-51-0 and 11-55-0)


Potassium Fertilizer
Muriate of potash (0-0-60 or 0-0-62)


Sulphur Fertilizer

  • Ammonium sulphate (21-0-0-24S, 20-0-0-24S and 19-3-0-22S)

  • Gypsum (CaSO4, 2H2O)

  • Urea-ammonium sulphate (34-0-0-11S)       

  • Ammonium phosphate-sulphate (16-20-0-14S and 17-20-0-15S) 

We specialize in handmade high quality leather goods ; 100 % vegetable / non - chemical tanning leathers  only used.

A) Leather bags, Ladies& travel bags, folios

B) Leather Belts 

C) Leather Wallets

D) Leather Gift Items

Leather workshop

Leather & Leather Accessories

Origin: India  

We specialize in readymade and handmade garments 

A) Traditional Indian dresses

B) Sarees 

C) Designer clothes

D) Wedding Garments

E) Bulk Garments upto 50000 Units per month

Clothing Store

GARMENTS : Indian and western

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