Consultant on hire 

Finding solution in Every Turn

You could book a consultant of your need , specific to industry and expertise.

They are available on hourly , daily , monthly basis. The talent pool available across most of  the countries globally.

They are available for on site and remote assignment .

Average level of education Engineers , professionals, masters above and Phd holders.

Age bracket mostly above 40 years with minimum of 10 to 20 years industry expertise in respective fields. 

Cost of hiring a consultant are dependent on country and domain areas ; affordable to start at USD 20 per hour on wards..  


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Best personalized Services what we do - let us connect 

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Areas we serve at present 

Supply chain logistics warehousing shipping transport.

IT development, Customized solution, design, Testing , implementation 

Financial services , Project funding, investment assistance,  Audit , Accounting, Data analysis. 

Management strategist , Change management, Resource planning , Training , Recruitment.

Teaching, curriculum design, conducting Online / offline classes 

Marketing, market research, field research, sampling, data collection , data compile

A psychologist and mental health assistance also we provide  

Advertisement commercial short film making, corporate advertising

Many other areas we do assist and add continuously. 

Yoga at Home


We have implemented a new automatedb racking system at 30 % lesser cost than regular vendors available ..

Samuel / Director / Space logistics

We have a good amount of port operation cost reduction for last 5 years after we have implemented some suggestions as advised by SAC

N Fernandez / Director  / Gulf Solution


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.