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Corporate and Institutional Training 

College Lecture

Conducting Training and Workshop 

Classroom and online -both

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Corporate and Institutional Training

We conduct following trainings and skill development programs, workshops and seminars.

  • Both offline and Online 

  • Classroom and Field trainings 

  • Short and long duration 

  • Services available nationally and internationally 

Foreign Trade - Import , Export 

Import / Export Fundamentals 


Selection of Commodities

Price negotiations

Essential documents for importing and exporting

The bill of lading


Contract between the exporter and the carrier 

The export declaration

Customs Procedure 

Control the export

The letter of credit

Legal compliance

Trade Risk 

Risk Management fundamentals

Main risk functions 

Risk in Financing trade receivables

Credit risk: This can be both buyer side and supplier side. 

On the buyer side, it is the risk that the buyer does not or will not pay the sum due. ... 

Fraud risk: The risk that the receivable does not actually exist or is not as represented.

Strategic Management 

  • Strategic management fundamentals 

  • Strategic analysis, strategic choice, and strategy implementation.

  • Functional strategies

  • Business functions take to achieve corporate and business unit objectives

  • Strategies by maximizing resource productivity

  • Objectives for a specific business function.

  • Risk and Uncertainty Management.

  • Learning from Insurance Practices.

  • Financial Analysis.

  • Visioning.

  • Planning.

  • Building and Maintaining Organizational Cohesion.

  • Managing leadership.

Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Supply Chain Fundamentals

  • Supply chain management main functions

  • Aligning flows

  • Integrating functions

  • Coordinating processes

  • Designing complex systems

  • Managing resources

  • IT integration 

  • Risk assessment

Agriculture and modern Irrigation

  • Modern Agriculture

  • HYV seeds: development and widespread adoption of high yielding varieties of seeds. 

  • GMO / Non GMO Seeds 

  • Chemical Fertilizers

  • Bio Fertilizers

  • Irrigation

  • Pesticides

  • Multiple Cropping

  • Agriculture Emerging Technologies 

  • Emerging Agriculture Technologies

  • Sprinklers and Drip Irrigation 

  • Soil and Water Sensors

  • Weather Tracking

  • Satellite Imaging

  • Pervasive Automation

  • Minichromosomal Technology

  • RFID Technology

  • Vertical Farming

HR and Organization Resource Planning

  • Human Resource Planning (HRP)

  • Key steps to the HRP process

  • Analyzing present labor supply

  • Forecasting labor demand

  • Balancing projected labor demand with supply

  • Supporting organizational goals

  • Staffing

  • Employee compensation and benefits

  • Defining/designing work

  • HRM is to maximize the productivity of an organization by optimizing the effectiveness of its employees.

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Corporate training


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