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Responsible Supply Standard

SAC’s approach to Responsible Sourcing and quality supplies is a core strength and pillar of our purpose. Hence, Suppliers need to fulfill certain key criterion as a global supplier.

Have a positive impact on people, companies and buyers across the planet as part of our services.

• Together, we support and contribute to creating shared value for the stake holders.

• A continuous improvement policies to stick to the global standards. 

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We take care of our moral and ethical obligations to positively influence the value of our products throughout the supply chain - from production procurement to sales to customers, based on the principles of social responsibility.


As a result, we have guidelines for ethical code of conduct and we work in that framework. We also expect that all our suppliers adhere to the same principle and values within which we expect our partners and suppliers to adhere to the best commonly accepted practices of corporate ethics and will be responsive to society and the environment; respect the principles and provisions of this Code


SAC behaves in a fully transparent way, we publicly disclosing the buying process , supply chains, payment system all complied to global trade norms and ICC guidenines. Expect the same from suppliers. 

Key Criterion


The key criteria for our supplier selection is base on following key criterion;

  • A certified clear country of origin

  • The quality of goods and certified by SGS or similar agency

  • Recorded communication, works and services rendered

  • Reputation

  • Compliance of international norms and guidelines specific to the country

  • Clear documented code of ethics

  • Anti bribery policy 

  • Socially responsible

  • Financial and production capability

  • Financial transparency

  • Capable to produce all records if asked


Please report any compliance issue to us :  



 ICC  ( international Chamber of Commerce ) & FBI ( Federal Bureau of Investigation ) is directly involved in monitoring global trade ; hence a buyer / or seller always can report to ICC and FBI if at any point they found being scammed. A link of  ICC and FBI  below and can refer our Blog section . 

To lodge a complaint with ICC : 

please contact ICC Commercial Crime Services. Tel: +44 20 74236960. E-mail:


To lodge a complaint with FBI :  Direct Complaint link

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