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We assist in global Funding and investment opportunities available for following sectors ;  


Renewable and alternate energy , Debt financing, Investment funds, Internet , Telecom , Emerging

Technology, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Food security, and Education sector.



Renewable and alternate Energy ;

Solar, Wind or Hydro power , Waste management, Recyclable infrastructure


Debt Financing;

Direct loans and loan guarantees to support small medium to long-term investments projects in emerging markets. Loans typically range from three to 10 to 20 years.


Equity Investments;

Arrange feasibility analysis, Investment funds, Risk Insurance etc. with fixed return guarantee 


Technical Assistance and Sectors which will be considered for funding ; few key areas 


Hospital and healthcare Response
Investments across the developing world are helping advance the ongoing response to the healthcare needs 


Investing in projects that combat the climate crisis. Generate power from renewable sources including solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal. 


Internet, Connectivity, and Technology
Investments in ICT (Internet, Connectivity, and Technology) and mobile service operators, telecommunications towers, and data centres as well as projects that are leveraging technology to tackle other challenges such as limited access to financial services. Enhance and quality of life in the developing world by expanding access to healthcare, education, and food and making business more efficient and secure.


Investing in projects that build hospitals and health clinics and expand access to affordable treatments as well as clean water, sanitation, and nutrition.


Investments in critical infrastructure that can promote trade and regional connectivity, create jobs, and foster economic growth in developing countries. Investments in roads, ports, airports, and other large-scale projects. 


Agriculture and Food Security
Investments in agriculture are critical to supporting the world’s farmers and bolstering food security. Investing in projects that help small landholding farmers access training and tools to increase yields, strengthen value chains to reduce food waste, build critical food processing infrastructure, warehouses, logistics and distribution centres and enable countries to expand food exports.


Education Sector
Investments are bringing affordable education to elementary, secondary, and university students in developing countries. Encourage research projects .

The projects we support are building and expanding schools, universities , colleges introducing innovative models of education to reach more students, and helping schools operate in challenging environment

Types of funding available
Funding Group A from a $1 million going up to $20 million
Funding Group B who can provide from $20 to $50 million
Funding Group C who can provide from $100 to $1Billion+

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Investment and Funding

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