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Responsible Sourcing and Supply Practice Standard

SAC’s approach to Responsible Sourcing and quality supplies is a core strength and pillar of our purpose, and enhancing business relations in long run

Guiding Principle
Have a positive impact on people, companies and buyers or sellers acros the planet as part of our sourcing and supplying activities. 
• Together, we support and contribute to creating shared value for the stake holders.
• Working continuously to improve practices to achieve the standard requirements.


The Responsible Sourcing and supply standard; is the requirements of the buyers ; we work in that ways of fulfilling the required quality together with our dedicated supply chain third parties to ensure right kind of deliveries to reach the buyers. The standard sets out ways of working with regards to sourcing , production, supply, quality and services from SAC to suppliers, through intermediaries and to the end buyer.

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SAC behaves in a fully transparent way, we publicly disclosing the buying process , supply chains, payment system all complied to global trade norms and ICC guidenines. Always we are committed to deliver continuous improvements against the Responsible Sourcing Standard.


SAC's  supplier connect teams shall ensure regular payment terms for buyers , leased contractors and farmers on time. All transactions happen through bank to bank channel only. 



  • Comply with all laws and regulations in the countries in which the supplier operates; equally applicable to buying or destination country.   

  • Comply with essentially applicable anti-bribery laws of the country

  • Comply with other applicable international laws and regulations including those relating to international trade. (such as sanctions, anti money laundering, export controls and and reporting obligations)

  • Meet the product or service specifications set out in relevant Sales and purchase contract when delivering products and/or services. 

  • Safeguard the product authenticity and transparency through the standard international best practices of 

  • record keeping, enabling traceability, along with adequate counterfeiting control mechanism.

  • All Businesses conducted without bribery, corruption, or any type of fraudulent behaviour. 

  • Not source from no-take zones or Marine Protected Areas in case of sea foods or other animal products.

  • Not practice transhipment at sea unless for emergency procedures.


Please report any compliance issue to us :  



 ICC  ( international Chamber of Commerce ) & FBI ( Federal Bureau of Investigation ) is directly involved in monitoring global trade ; hence a buyer / or seller always can report to ICC and FBI if at any point they found being scammed. A link of  ICC and FBI  below and can refer our Blog section . 

To lodge a complaint with ICC : 

please contact ICC Commercial Crime Services. Tel: +44 20 74236960. E-mail:


To lodge a complaint with FBI :  Direct Complaint link

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