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             a South Asia Corporation initiative.......

What is ORANGE..

The Organzation for Research Analysis aNd Global Empowerment (ORANGE)

The Vision

ORANGE (IGF) is our future vision to promote core industrial action research promote sustainability and scientific values ...

ORANGE is trying to make Research and Education  more object oriented and practical ; which could bring positive result and not just for academic interest or values. IGF would work to bring a fundamental change in perception from the traditional academic thought process , which is more of tunnelized thought .
In the process, we continuously raise  questions on the conventional methods of learning, the so called growth parameters , development models and technological innovation. Probably we will try to dilute the traditional wisdom with technology and will try to bring a new definition. It might shake some common knowledge and understanding between success and ​failure, clarity and ​confusion, right and wrong, ethical and non -ethical , hope and despair, growth and sustainability, planned or unplanned.
We need to understand in the process; which are actually beneficial and which could bring the real changes and which have the biggest positive impacts on our human life ...

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Envisioned Task

ORANGE will strive for paradigm shift in thinking; it would embark on a path to initiate vital aspects of our economic and social growth structure; a civilization capable of living at complete harmony and sustainable life style, shunning violence but it could thrive in chaos resulting from the emerging clash of civilizations.

ORANGE will create awareness among people and society; where sustainability risk and civilization threats would be addressed through our various meetings, seminars and publications etc.  

ORANGE would undertake research studies, both directly and through Non Profit Organizations / Government/ Industry in a global scale; it would develop strategic alliances, inputs and sharing it with academic and relevant bodies. IGF will disseminate information through various channels, e-newsletters, white papers, blogs, publication of research journals, circulation of relevant features to concerned organizations and apex bodies.

ORANGE will identify and build partnership with credible apex bodies /organizations/Institutes / individuals; will work for a common vision and garner a support to promote networking and a cultural milieu through a global think tank.

ORANGE will have a global online library resources sharing credible data and resources. The data bank could be accessed and shared by like minded academicians, students and industry veterans. The IGF Think Tank centre will be a global hub for knowledge resource center for referencing, networking, research and brain storming.

ORANGE would built a world class business lounge and club at its premises to encourage industry and academic collaboration; the knowledge hub would serve a very unique purpose than other such business lounge

Volunteering Group
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Social development 

Contact ORANGE

If you are sufficiently interested about NGO; you are most welcome and lets talk ...

Phone: +91.8617202485  / +91.817709041

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