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We're building values and opportunity by investing in digital solutions, financial , engineering, science, and consulting. Our culture of problem solving approach and innovation empowers our team as creative thinkers, solution designers bringing unparalleled value for our clients and for any problem we try to tackle.


We empower People to take the challenge and bring result oriented solution 


We are relatively very new entrant in this consulting domain; however , our consultants bring a mix of expertise to solve problems with a different, more effective mindset, devising powerful solutions for our clients’ toughest challenges. We commitment is to the best client services to make our mark in this industry.

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  • Strategy Consulting

  • Growth and Lead generation 

  • Business Operations Advisory Services

  • Investment Services  

  • Risk Management 

  • Economic Consulting Services

  • Business Process Management 

  • IT Solution and Services

  • HR strategy and resource planning

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1. Strategy consulting. 

We take a top-down view of a business, strategy. We audit your company’s long-term vision and trajectory. Involving C-suite executives and managers of the highest level, As a strategy consultants , we analyze how you have allocated resources by identifying new markets and comparing their value to that of your existing target markets.

It could involve any business areas you are currently active.

We undertake projects across the globe at any locations through our associate partners or can undertake remotely if company prefers that way.



2. Company growth & lead generation  

Our consultants are responsible for optimizing one of the most important aspects of a business – business development and revenue generation. By analyzing how you allocate resources, target prospects and convert them, company growth. Our lead generation consultants focus on transforming your business.

We undertake projects across the globe at any locations through our associate partners or can undertake remotely if company prefers that way.



3. Business operations advisory services  

We audit your functioning as an organization; Business operations consultants focus on analyzing the operations chain in businesses and figuring out how they can be optimized. By understanding client management, product delivery, raw material procurement and other such aspects of the operations chain, business operations consultants cut costs and improve productivity for your business. We analyze the supply chain , storage , import export operations separately if needed.

We undertake projects across the globe at any locations through our associate partners or can undertake remotely if company prefers that way.



4. Investment Services. 

We work with investors by providing investment and funding solution for your existing, startup or expansion. We conduct thorough research of the market and the performance of the investable assets. From identifying new potential investments to monitoring the performance of your current investments, investment consultants provide a long list of services including getting LC / DLC/ SBLC/ and other financial instruments .

We undertake projects across the globe at any locations through our associate partners or can undertake remotely if company prefers that way.



5.Risk management Services.

Risk management involves using financial instruments to understand and manage a company’s risks. It includes operational risk, product risk, marketing  and business expansion risk, export risk, payment risk, market risk, credit risk, operational risk, inflation risk, and other such factors that may affect the economic value of your business. By calculating and making suggestions to eliminate such risks, advisory services ensure that large businesses don’t suffer the consequences of unpredictable circumstances.

We undertake projects across the globe at any locations through our associate partners or can undertake remotely if company prefers that way.



6. Economic consulting Services

Using knowledge of various economic laws and policies, economic consultants advise businesses on how to form or change your economic policies in accordance with market shifts and trends. We can assist to establish your company out of your country and can assist marketing the products.

We undertake projects across the globe at any locations through our associate partners or can undertake remotely if company prefers that way.


7. Business process management 

Business processes are complicated.; and it  involve rigorous regulations and a lot of paperwork. Business process management consultants help businesses document, analyze, improve, and automate their business processes to improve efficiency and output. Also work on implementing quality management practices like ISO / Kaizen / TQM and certifications.

The major benefit of hiring our business process management consultant is to reduce unnecessary business process costs.We undertake projects across the globe at any locations through our associate partners or can undertake remotely if company prefers that way.


8. IT Solution and Services 

Managing IT infrastructure can be challenging with a long list of options in terms of brands and possible infrastructure that you could invest in. IT infrastructure plays an important role in the functioning of any organization, regardless of the industry.  Our IT Consultants understand the requirements of businesses and suggest infrastructure architecture that you can apply to your business.

We design custom made solutions depending your business need through our group IT development company.

We undertake projects across the globe at any locations or can undertake remotely if company prefers that way.


9. Human Resources Strategy and Resource Planning

Human resource consultants are engaged for two basic human resource roles- finding the right resources to recruit and managing employees currently engaged . Human resource consultants focus on all management and tasks associated with employees. Human resource consultants also focus on employee engagement, compensation, benefits, talent mobility, and human resource management through acquisitions and mergers.

Assist in adopting technology and change management .

We undertake projects across the globe at any locations through our associate partners or can undertake remotely if company prefers that way.


10.Market Research Services

Once you identify your target markets, we can undertake to do the local market research through our research team and local sources . We will work on how do you need to position your product or service, and what type of entry you need into that country ; if setting distribution, franchisee or e- commerce model ?  Such information can’t be made available through Internet.

A physical, action research or data sampling is the answer to such task. Our specialist research division of various subjects from econometrics to bio-technologist , agricultural  scientist , project consultants will be engaged depending on the nature of your products . We will contact your potential local partners or distributors and bring them into a discussion table when we can all discuss  on how we can fulfill your needs..  We are certainly not provide any Internet based general information; hence  our services could be little expensive .


  • Trade Finance Assistance

  • Strategic Sourcing and buying 

  • Overseas Business Operations Outsourced  Services


Trade Finance Assistance 

Resolving your LC problems for imports ; 

  1. We can assist you to sort out this payment or banking issues if you are an importer  

  2. We can arrange SBLC / DLC/ LC  from global banks  ( mostly UK )

  3. Useful for importers . who cant produce collateral security to the bank for such instruments

  4. Could be issued to buyers over 350 countries without security but a good business credential to produce

  5. Its very useful for countries like Iraq / Iran/ Venezuela/ Russia etc. where some form of financial sanction or liquidity issues 

  6. Our associate  banker would arrange to issue SBLC/ DLC on behalf of buyer with a nominal bank processing fees  ( range 2 % to 5 % ) of LC amount ; very similar to LC issuing charges by any other banks.

  7. This procedure would help buyer to reduce cost of purchase ; as without DLC/ SBLC ; sellers would charge much higher 

  8. Reduce risk of TT / cash transfer for buyer in unknown teritory

  9. In this solution ; buyer would pay only processing charges to us

  10. However, such DLC / SBLC  to be issued after verification of buyers business credential. Previous track records , reputations, credit ratings  etc.

  11. This service is available for globally over 325 countries .


Strategic Sourcing and Buying 


Product Sourcing is always aligned with our core business in merchant trade; as we are well connected with various sellers, exporters and  producer’s organizations ; this business model essentially follows a simple framework  of securing required goods locally in country and internationally .

Essentially as a client ; you need to intimate us the requirement  with product details, specifications, payment , bank details , payment terms etc. We would arrange your supply  depending on your comfort level.  It could be a TT / LC / or credit payment .  


In this case as a client ; you have the advantage of getting the services and due diligence services through us and you could minimize the business risk .


We provide such services with a nominal fees between 2 to 5 % of the transaction cost .


We are active over 60 countries directly through a wide network ; at few countries, we have our branch / partner operations . So we can extend a service always somewhere within our close network and can provide personalized services.


Overseas Business operations outsource services

Setting up a business in a new country has its own set of challenges ; which need specialist people to understand the legal compliance , taxation, appointment of dealers, distributors and the cost management  of hiring space people etc.  

Doing business at country X is always different than country Y and it needs local expertise .


We could fulfill your such need from our dedicated team of expertise with our own resources and facilities ; we can assure you that we are capable to provide such services  with 1/3 of your estimated cost . It could be done with sharing a  % of sales revenue as well .  such services include all business domains in  export / import/ consulting / projects etc.


We will work as your in country business manager / country representative.

This is  probably the most efficient way to expand globally ; we will do your job through our local specialist team which doesn’t need relocation and other travel costs ; data and information could be available on real time 24/7 . the services could be as per your business need  of full time dedicated team / part time and type of assignments you can give us to handle ;


Marketing / sales/ advertising campaign

·Appointing and selection of distributors / sales agents

·E commerce and online business  

·Business lead generation

·Setting up offices/ warehouses – lease and ownership

·Opening offshore bank accounts

·Finding local investment partner

·Organizing sales events/ road shows / sales campaign 

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