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Our Consulting and Advisory Services..

  • Consulting and advisory services support various allied services to promote and help global trade. 

  • Key Areas : Management Consulting , Advisory Services , Agriculture Industry , Farming, Technology Solution, Supply Chain solution , modern  Irrigation system.

  • Exports and Trading, Food grains and other commodities,  Petroleum Products, Fertilizers etc.

  • Import Services and Strategic Sourcing


Our Expertise

  • We bring services in wide range of areas includes custom made ; like industrial solution, financial, consulting and expert services to people who need them all around the world.

  • Learn  few things in business; we apply that expertise to serve customers in globally /across regions.

  • We provide services as "consultants on hire"; and in wide range of expertise areas.

  • We also work for global companies local representative in India; provide office, infrastructure, staff all all relevant support services


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Traditional Saree

Consulting & Advisory

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Outline of our Business

Consulting and Advisory Services

Provide customized solution, IT design and solution, On site solution design, warehousing, storage solution, agro farming and use of modern technologies, marketing campaign , market survey,setting up a company at a distant country ,  representing a global company for their preferred location etc.


Consultant on hire

We have a large pool of experienced and highly educated consultants; you could hire them for various services on daily / hourly / monthly / yearly basis based on the scope of the project.

Country Representative Services for global companies

We provide custom made solution for global companies as their local representative in India; provide office, infrastructure, staff all all relevant support services. Companies could avoid all hassle of setting up office and lots of other compliance; we can take care of all such business headaches. 

Trade & Structured Finance

SAC Trade & Structured Finance provides financial solutions that facilitate trade and mitigate trade-related risks for companies doing business. We work closely with customers, to create financing structures that enable the buying and selling of agricultural and other commodities while mitigating risks associated with cross-border transactions.

We arrange issuance of LC/ SBLC for your buying need even without collateral / mortgage guarantee from top global banks.

Customers include commodity buyers, producers and processors, traders of physical goods, importers and end-users, and financial institutions. We help them conduct global trade and mitigate the attendant risks. These include credit risk (nonpayment or delayed payment), documentation risk (non-conformance to specified documentation requirements) and cross-border risk (inconvertibility of a local currency to the currency needed to make payment, or unforeseen political or economic events that may interrupt normal business activity).

Acting as an intermediary, we strive to serve the needs and protections of the parties to a transaction. We offer a broad mix of innovative and customize funding solutions, including letters of credit, prepayment financing for suppliers, warehouse financing for manufacturers, trade receivables discounting for exporters, trade credit insurance and more.


Our Business Advantages


Our Business Advantages

SAC Business Solutions is a global consultancy business with over 7 years of experience in delivering proven results for over 52 clients in the mid-tier SME market.  SAC provides proven methodologies to help business owners achieve their business goals – typically focusing on resource planning, global expansion, strategic sourcing, supply chain solution, import / export needs, business transformation, growth, fund raising and exit.
SAC is not interested in non- ethical quick fixes or short-term solutions but is focused on a strategic change management approach that delivers SUSTAINABLE, PROFITABLE GROWTH for our clients. We depute experienced business professionals and consultants offer proven marketing solution to fast track your business growth.

  • We have proven consulting systems that deliver credible results for all our clients.

  • Proven client metrics:

    • Typical client engagement is circa 2-3 years

    • Our average client retention is circa 90% at term

    • A 100 to 150 % Return on Investment (ROI) in first 2 years for our clients

  • Proven marketing/consulting and training systems to implement global best practice solution.

Proven Consulting Methodologies

Our consulting systems are based on the approach of the big consulting entities such as KPMG, Accenture, BCG, and McKinsey, and have been adapted to fit the requirements of the mid-tier SME market. In short, there is a strategic process behind every consulting programme, guided by analysing each functional area of the business in turn, which helps inform strategy selection and implementation.
Each strategy is reviewed and measured at every stage of implementation, to ensure activity is on track, giving confidence to the business owner that the process is delivering results.


Proven Client Metrics
Our consulting systems work as they are based on proven consulting systems and change management approach used by corporate consultancies and are adapted to ensure they meet the needs of the mid-tier SME market. Our systems have been refined after working with various clients across Europe/ Asia / Africa/ Middle East clients and are tailored to meet the needs of each client with detailed reporting and evaluation processes that validate the results at each and every stage.
Our approach sets out a strategic evaluation of the company’s position against its objectives and proposes a strategic road map of the change process with clear milestones to review progress. In essence, the consultancy approach works as it is based on a robust and proven business process.
Proven marketing/ Consulting, identifying gap and training systems
We also have a robust process for recruiting our advisors, and once selected, all attend an initial one month residential, followed by a 6 month in the field training program. We mentor our advisors throughout this process using an ‘action learning ’ approach to help fast track their business. Our training is a real USP and is scored by all our advisors at an average 95% satisfaction.  Our training is on-going after this point with quarterly team reviews.


After completing training each advisor will get to work with their consulting and advisory pipeline already prepared for them, and this support will continue for the next 6 months to fast track each consulting practice. We work with each advisor through this process to qualify leads to the point at which time an appointment is made. A member of management team will come to all client meetings with our advisors, and together with our robust qualification process. Our focus is on generating business values for the client and not on quantity. All our advisors are either a masters or Phd holders in their respective area of expertise.


The Ideal Companies to be part of our programs

If you fit the following characteristics, then it may be the time to make the next step:

  • You are an experienced business house but unplanned growth.

  • Have managed ypour business , have substantial growth but need always some firefighting.

  • Have a passion for business transformation.

  • Want to nationally and globally

  • Have had enough of corporate politics and losing core talents .

  • Want more work/lifestyle balance, overall holistic growth

  • Want more control of your future and income.

  • Want to set up business in other countries but no sure how to step in to a new territory.

  • Lack of compliance and need for a quality management system in place

  • And you need help to safeguard your business interest

Service cost
The cost is a one-off charge and customized on your need and type of services need to or outsourced.  The cost cover all training and residential costs. The only on-going charge is based on on site cost as per actual.
What is the ROI for an SAC Consulting services ?
Most cases cost recovers in 1 to 2 years and an ROI expected to be 150 % from 3rd year itself. In the first year at an average client cost value of USD 20,000  to 50,000 depending on scale of partnership
Why SAC Business Solutions?
If you are in business and have a passion for strategic business transformation, then SAC Business Solutions can help you to fast track your business and streamline operations. A business restructuring process is not only financially lucrative but will also be a challenging and rewarding in coming years . This is exciting work that makes a real difference, where you can really make your name in the mid-tier S.M.E. market.

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 We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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