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List of few websites helps to identify a fake /scam news also a trade scam

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

The internet has speeded the way we communicate, but in our rush to disseminate a controversial tid-bit that relayed its way onto our social networks—or even good-naturedly pass on that home remedy to cure cancer on messenger services—we often disregard one important factor: The authenticity of the message that we are in a hurry to propagate.

Whats App / Facebook postings are more emotional than verified authentic information. Be careful of any news or info which you have slightest doubt ;

Lets list few such webpages popular globally to check #fact sheets ..



Verify trade #scam / fake trade inquiry through few such webpages ;

If you like to report such fake / or scam ; you can refer to FBI ( federal bureau of investigation )

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