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Know few critical information about Soybean before getting into soybean import / or export ..

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

#Soybeans Exports by Country

Below are the 15 countries that #exported the highest dollar value worth of soybeans during 2020.

  1. Brazil: US$28.6 billion (44.3% of exported soya beans)

  2. United States: $25.9 billion (40.1%)

  3. Argentina: $2.3 billion (3.6%)

  4. Paraguay: $2.1 billion (3.3%)

  5. Canada: $1.9 billion (3%)

  6. Uruguay: $753.8 million (1.2%)

  7. Ukraine: $690.1 million (1.1%)

  8. Netherlands: $447.6 million (0.7%)

  9. Russia: $415.3 million (0.6%)

  10. Benin: $144.8 million (0.2%)

  11. Croatia: $115.5 million (0.2%)

  12. Togo: $114.6 million (0.2%)

  13. Serbia: $108.7 million (0.2%)

  14. France: $99.3 million (0.2%)

  15. Belgium: $87.8 million (0.1%)

The top 5 exporters (#Brazil, #United States, #Argentina, #Paraguay, #Canada) sold 94.4% of worldwide shipments of soya beans by value in 2020.

From a continental perspective, Latin America (52.5% of the global total) excluding Mexico but including the Caribbean sold the highest dollar worth of exported soya beans with shipments valued at $33.8 billion. In second place were North American exporters at 43.1%.

Tinier percentages for international sales of soya beans came from Europe (3.5%), Africa (0.6%), Asia (0.3%) and Oceania (0.001%) mostly Australia.

Brazil: soybean export value share 2020, by country of destination

Non-GMO exports growing in Brazil

Brazil is the world's leading producer of non-GMO soybeans, ABRANGE executive director Ricardo Tatesuzi de Sousa says about 40% of Brazil's soybean production is non-GMO with Matto Grosso, Parana, and Goiás the leading non-GMO producing states.

Share of China imports

China is by far the leading country of destination for soybean exports from Brazil. In 2020, the Asian country accounted for 73 percent of the Brazilian soybean export value, which totaled some 28.6 billion U.S. dollars. Spain trailed in second, as the destination for around four percent of the export value.

Brazil steps into meeting China's demand

China is the leading importer of soybeans worldwide, with high demand for feeding livestock and producing soybean cooking oil. In 2019, Brazil ranked as China's largest soybean supplier, providing nearly two thirds of the Asian country's imports of this oilseed. The South American country has recently benefitted from escalating trade wars between China and the U.S., which have led Chinese food and agricultural industries to seek out an alternative supplier.

Growing market for Brazilian soybeans

As soybean exports to China strongly increased from 2016 to 2018, Brazil's soybean exports reached an all-time peak in 2018 – nearly triple that of the early 2010s. And this trend shows no sign of subsiding. As of 2020, Brazil has outpaced the United States to become the leading producer of this oilseed worldwide, with its area planted with soybean rising every year of the past decade.

Does China allows to import GMO soybeans ?

Beijing has never permitted planting of GMO soybean or corn varieties but it permits their import for use in animal feed.

Which countries ban GMO foods ?

In addition to France and Germany, other European countries that placed bans on the cultivation and sale of GMOs include Austria, Hungary, Greece, and Luxembourg. Poland has also tried to institute a ban, with backlash from the European Commission.

What countries use GMOs the most?

Among the countries growing GM crops, the USA (70.9 Mha), Brazil (44.2 Mha), Argentina (24.5 Mha) India (11.6 Mha) and Canada (11 Mha) are the largest users.

How do I know if my soybeans are GMO?

It is possible to identify the genetically-modified soybean seeds after three days, by imbibing the seed in 0.12% her- bicide solution and after six days if the substrate is pre- imbibed in a 0.6% herbicide solution.

Is genetically modified soy safe?

GMO soybeans are no more toxic than traditionally bred soybeans. The long-term safety of eating GMO soy was evaluated by the FDA and found to be safe

What is good about GMO soybeans?

The GM plants were developed by DuPont to reduce trans fat production, increase soybean oil shelf life and create a generally healthier cooking oil. "The GM soybean oil has 0 grams trans fat and more of the monounsaturated fats that are considered heart healthy,"

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