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Grains we source from;
Rice - India, Vietnam, Pakistan 
Wheat / Wheat Flour - Ukraine , Russia, US , India 
Barley - Ukraine , Russia, 
Yellow Corn / White Corn - Brazil, Argentina, India
Sugar- Brazil , India , South America 
Soya - Brazil , Ukraine , Russi, India , USA
Edible Oil ;
Palm Oil - Malaysia , Indonesia, Thailand 
Sunflower Oil - Ukraine , Russia
Soya Oil - Ukraine , Brazil , South america 
Olive Oil - Tunisia , Spain 
Fertilizers - Russia , Ukraine 
Other Commodities are customized as per client need and preference 
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At the Southasia Corporation Group, we work on few core business values of;

1. Transparency in dealing – which is extremely important in any international trade; No scammers please..

2. Compliance and Quality – We only deal with businesses, where we can bring global best practices and provide services as per defined and agreed quality terms

3. No Non Sense Approach – We wouldn’t take any assignment / job / or order on false promises or non existent approach. Hence , we follow few minimum key criterion as well, where all our customers need to comply with few bare norms as well


With these basic aspiration and guidelines; we determine to become one of the trusted trade / service provider in the region with highest values and integrity  .

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Sellers please contact us at ;

Phone: +91.8017709041 / +91.8617202485

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