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Import India specific

We facilitate your import needs if you have necessary import permits.

India mostly imports ; Edible oils ( sunflower oil / Palm oil/ Olive oil / Soya oil etc.)  / Fertilizers / Electronics / High end Wines , Alcohols / Critical spare parts / Chemicals ..

We can source for you from major countries globally ; EU , China, Vietnam, Thailand , US .


Imports for other countries essentially to be treated as exports, and refer our export page.


Import Logistics

Provide import logistics and multimodal support services especially for landlocked countries like Nepal, Afghanistan etc.

Sourcing need

You can ask us for your import needs , what not a common items easily available and country specific 



Sellers please contact us at ;

Phone: +91.8017709041 / +91.8617202485

WA :+91.8617202485

At the Southasia Corporation Group, we work on few core business values of;

1. Transparency in dealing – important in any international trade; No scammers please..

2. Compliance and Quality – We only deal with quality and certified products

3. No Non Sense Approach – We wouldn’t take any order on false promises or non existent approach.