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 Import Assistance  - for Importers

  • We could assist you in getting your LC/ DLC/ SBLC if needed withut collateral asset guarantee. This services could be guaranteed if your banker fails to provide LC . The type of instrument would be from top global bank from UK / US .

  • Assistance in getting Import permit from the government for restricted items.

  • Assistance in getting multimodal transport even in land locked countries like Nepal ,Afghanistan etc.  and custom's support services 

  • Assistance in strategic sourcing for critical components , chemicals, electronics, spare parts  etc. from manufacturers globally .

Products and Import services

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Orders tailored as per buyer's need 

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Import Services

Made to order- Imports

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Major Commodities :

Edible oils ; Palm Oil , Corn Oil, Soya Oil, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil 

Mostly Crude and in bulk 

Preferred Volume 10000 MT / Per shipment 

Origins: Ukraine , Russia, Ma;aysia, Indonesia , Thailand 

Import services

Financial Assistance for getting LC  from top global banks

Supply chain Support services 

Strategic sourcing and OEM supply contracts 

This services are on consulting agreements and with fees 

Made to order -Imports

Customized and contract supply 


Majority items are of  Electronics , base chemicals, electronics spare parts , fertilizers etc.


Yearly contracts. 

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If you are are an importer for your import needs; and if you are a global supplier and want to supply products globally; please talk to us ..

Phone: +91.8017709041

Whats App : +91.8617202485 

Email: vp@southasiacorporation.com